Our Services

The Admissions Office is mandated to perform the following functions:

  1. Process admissions of  new students
  2. Conduct registration of new and continuing students
  3. Facilitate orientation of new students
  4. Process student requests
  5. Coordinate the clearance of students from the University

Therefore, the above functions/services are broken down as below:

1.  Admissions of new students
i. Re-admission
It applies to applicants who have deferred their admission for more than two Academic Years and now wish to take up their place. They may re-apply for admission to their programme and will be subjected to the same requirements as all other applicants at the time of applying. The applicant should write a letter to the Registrar (Academic Research & Extension) requesting readmission into the University. Also, the applicant should produce the letter of approval of deferment when they resume during registration.
2.   Registration of new and continuing students
The admissions Section coordinates the process of registration for both new and continuing students. New students are required to fill in the New Student Registration Form (UoEm-F-ADMS-007) which should be submitted at the Admissions Office for the signing of the nominal roll.
A student is deemed to have duly registered upon completing the following:
a.    Activation in the ERP System
b.    Registration of units
c.    Completion of fee payment
3.    Orientation of new students
The Admissions Section organizes the orientation session for all new students at the beginning of their programme. This is meant to enlighten them about the University and the support services available. All new students are required to attend the orientation programme.
4.    Processing student’s requests
ii.    Inter-University Transfer
The Admissions Section facilitates the process of Inter-University Transfer. This applies to students who wish to transfer to and from the University of Embu. The University, however, reserves the right to accept or reject requests for transfer. Government-sponsored students are required to comply with requirements of the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS). They should apply for Inter-University Transfer through the portal provided on the KUCCPS Website. Self-sponsored Students (SSP) will be required to apply as new applicants. All Inter-University applicants may apply for credit transfer as per the requirements of the programme’s curriculum and regulatory requirements.
iii.    Inter/Intra School transfer
This applies to students who wish to change their programme of study; Inter/Intra School Transfers are processed within the first three weeks of the first semester of an Academic Year. A student who wishes to transfer will be required to fill in the Inter/Intra School Transfers Form (UoEm-F-ARE-002) available at the respective Deans Offices.
Students should note that transfers are only offered on two conditions; if:
1. There is a vacant place in the intended Destination School.
2. The student meets the required admission criteria for the specific course.
Additionally, merit is used as criteria for transfer and that all applicants to a particular course will be ranked and allocated the vacant position on merit.  Students who will have succeeded in their application for transfer will receive an official letter of transfer to their new programme from the Registrar (Academic Research & Extension) and will be expected to report and register in their new courses by the fourth week of the semester. It is important for students to note that all inter-faculty transfers are subject to approval by the Deans Committee and that once the transfers have been approved the exercise is closed and no late applications or appeals are considered.
iv.    Deferment of studies
This is applicable to a student admitted at the University of Embu who wishes to pend their offer of admission for their specified reason. This is done by writing to the Registrar (Academics, Research & Extension) stating one’s reason(s) for deferment. The letter should be dropped at the Admissions Office before the date of registration. Thereafter, the student shall receive a letter of approval of deferment of studies from the Registrar (Academics, Research & Extension). It is important to note that deferment allows one to put off their offer of admission for two (2) Academic Years. Students who do not notify the University about their intention to defer their studies within two (2) Academic Years will be deemed to have forfeited their offer of admission.
v.    Semester call-off
This applies to applicants who have completed registration for at least one semester and wish to take leave from studies for the said semester due to various reasons which include but not limited to financial constraints, medical, personal and others which the students are required to specify. A student wishing to call off the semester will be required to fill in the Application for Call Off of Students Form (UoEm-F-Adms-0213) available at the Admissions Office.
vi.    Resumption of studies
This applies to applicants who had called off a semester and wish to resume for their studies.  The student is required to fill in Application for Resumption of studies form (UoEm-F-ADMS-012) available at the Admissions Office. The student is required to take the form for recommendation and the necessary approval from the following offices: Dean of Student, Dean of School, Chairman of Department and Registrar (Academic Research & Extension).
vii.    Tuition fee waiver
This applies to the following categories of applicants; University employees, University employees’ spouses, and children, KNUT (Kenya National Union of Teachers) and KUPPET (Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers) members and Nursing Upgrading Students (who are members of the Nursing Council of Kenya). Employees, employees’ spouses and children are offered a 40% waiver on the tuition fee while KNUT and KUPPET Members are offered a 16% waiver on the tuition fee. Nursing Upgrading Students are offered a tuition fee waiver subject to approval by the University Management. Students in the above-mentioned categories are required to fill in Application for Tuition Waiver Form (UoEm-F-ADMS-015) available at the Admissions Office.  It is important that an applicant who applies for tuition fee waiver ensures that he or she receives approval from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic Research & Extension).
5.    Clearance from the University
This applies to prospective grandaunts or a student who wishes to withdraw from the University. Students are required to fill in Students Clearance Form (UoEm-F-ADMS-014) available at the Admissions Office. Additionally, they are required to take the form to their respective Department and School as well as to the following Offices; Library, Accommodation, Sports & Games, Student Affairs, UESA, Finance and Registrar (ARE) to get the necessary approvals.