Mr. Josphat Bundi Muriuki

Name:  Josphat Bundi Muriuki
Title/Qualification:  Bachelor of Commerce/
       Diploma in Telecommunication Systems            
Position:         Senior Data Entry Clerk
Department: Admissions Office
Short Biography:
Mr. Muriuki is in charge of managing, updating and maintaining student data in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System. He has been working at the Admissions Section since 2013 and is hence well experienced in this field.  His main roles include: maintaining and populating the ERP System with student biodata and biometrics, registration of new and continuing students through the use of the ERP System, updating students’ status in the ERP System and processing requests on student statistics for interested parties. Other than that, he is the Admissions Procurement Liaison officer.
He is a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce (Procurement option) from the University of Embu. Mr. Muriuki is recognized for his vast knowledge in data systems and management, good interpersonal skills and good ability to communicate technical information to a non-technical audience.
Mr. Muriuki is always ready to serve when needed. He can be accessed by reaching the Admissions Office